Why Vault?

Financially-secure employees are happy employees.

Since 2013, we've been partnering with some of the nation's leading employers to make a lasting impact in their employees' lives. Our three products, Vault Advisor, Vault Pay, and Vault Match, provide employers a la carte or bundled student loan benefit options, including tax-advantaged programs and 1:1 counseling options.

We set ourselves apart by committing to doing what's right by both our clients and their employees. When we suggest student loan optimization options to employees, the options are in the order of what’s best for the employee, not what’s best for lenders and loan servicers.

Vault ROI.

Employees who feel valued by their companies stay employed longer and are more productive.

Over 90% of Millennials say they would commit to their employer for five years if they received help paying down their student debt.

Student loan payment help consistently ranks in the top five most requested employment benefits desired by employees.

Student loan benefits have been found to reduce attrition by over 27 percent.

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