Are you a 501c3 or non-profit?

Vault boosts non-profit and associations' membership value with a toolset designed to analyze, optimize, and map the best path toward $0 student loan balances for your members and their family. Vault users can accept direct contributions toward their student loans from a pool of supporters, like associations, alumni groups, and service organizations or receive free 1:1 advising sessions from certified student loan counselors.

Strengthen your membership base, earn revenue, and drive engagement by offering a dynamic, comprehensive, and unbiased student loan advice and payment platform.

Vault provides association members with a portable new benefit, designed to help them leverage support from professional associations and service organizations as a way to pay down student loan debt. Association members can receive monetary rewards to put towards loans.

Why Vault?

A sought-after benefit most members are not receiving from their employers.

A low-cost way to provide unbiased support
and keep
members engaged.

A secure, compliant,
and flexible platform
offered by an industry leader.

Member Benefits.

Create value and drive engagement

Payoff scenarios and tools to help your members drive their loan balances to $0.


White-label the platform and build pathways that lead back to association engagement points.


Members can receive secure contributions to their student loans directly from their association as a membership reward.


Save your members money and create an optional revenue stream to offset the cost of MyVault.


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Vault helps borrowers tackle student loan debt through employer contributions, expert consultation and easy-to-use financial tools. Reach out to our team today if you'd like to recommend Vault to your employer!

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