Tuition Reimbursement and Educational Expense Management

Vault Tuition Reimbursement is part of progressive employers’ enhanced benefit stacks.

Ongoing tuition payments, one-time awards, annual education allowances, and ad-hoc education payment offerings can now be managed in the Vault product suite. Vault’s simple employer portal allows managers to view, track, approve, and fund tuition reimbursement requests all in one place.


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    The Post-Covid Benefits Landscape

    Employee tuition assistance programs and tuition reimbursement programs for employees join flexibility, self-care, and financial wellness initiatives as a leading post-covid benefit offering. Companies offering education benefits and improved communication around college planning and degree financing are attracting and retaining more stable, diverse, and committed workforces.

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    Choose which employees are eligible, when payments can be made, and how much can be contributed to your customizable tuition reimbursement program.


    Vault employers have received tax advantages and increased employee tenure by up to 55%.

    Simple Pricing and Activation
    • Low monthly fee per enrollee
    • Two-week program activation average.
    • NO minimum payments.

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