Our conflict-free tools always put your employees first.

Boost morale, hire faster, and retain top employees longer by using Vault Pay, Vault Match, and Vault PTO Conversion to quickly deliver secure, easy-to-use student loan benefits to your employees. Customizable contribution plans and on-demand employer dashboards let employers track the real-time benefits of each program.

Make monthly or one-time student loan
contributions as a first-in-field employee benefit. Vault provides a universal view of employee student loans, repayment plans, and more.

Make tax-advantaged contributions to your employees' 401(K) plans when employees make monthly student loan payments.

Allow employees to convert extra "use or lose" paid time off into direct student loan payments. Set your own conversion formulas and schedules to match your company policies and prevent earned PTO from expiring, while improving employee retention and job satisfaction.

Vault's Highest Employer ROI

Vault Pay.

Vault Pay is the brains behind our student loan payoff strategies. Vault analyzes, optimizes, and maps your employees' best paths toward a $0 balance while applying employer contributions to help your employees reduce their loan tenure by years. Most importantly, when Vault displays student loan optimization options, they’re always in the order of what’s best for your employees, not what’s best for us. We’re not a bank; we don’t lend to students; and we never accept kickbacks from financial providers. Vault employers are making $50 to $500 monthly contributions to employee loan balances, to reward tenure and help employees overcome one of their greatest financial stressors.

Contribute earmarked matching funds to employees' 401(k) accounts to match timely student loan payments

Vault Match.

Match is our newest, tax-advantaged product. Employees no longer need to choose between making contributions to their retirement plans or paying down their student loans. When Vault Match is offered to employees, employers can reward timely student loan payments by making a matching contribution to an employee's established retirement plan.

Boost employee satisfaction with our PTO-to-student-loans conversion tool

Vault PTO.

Set your company's conversion formula and let Vault do the rest. We'll convert an employee's unused PTO to direct, secure payments toward employees' student loans. The pandemic has caused a massive shift in travel and workload; employers can remove one of the workplace's most lasting negative impact policies by helping employees convert a portion of unused time off to directly benefit their financial wellness.

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Student loan repayment can now be offered tax-free.
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