Vault Pay for Employee Student Loan Contributions

Make tax-advantaged contributions directly to employees' student loans.

Vault employers are making $50 to $500 monthly contributions to employee loan balances, to reward tenure and help employees overcome one of their greatest financial stressors. Vault Pay allows employers to choose from the most popular contribution plans or design a custom plan that works best for their unique workforce needs. Our admin portal tracks payments and employee adoption and shows you how significant even small-dollar and one-time contributions can be over the life of an employee's student loans. Vault Pay is a win-win for employees and employers. The CARES Act now allows employers to realize a tax advantage when using Pay.


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    An Employer-Employee Win-Win

    Vault Pay is the brains behind your employees' student loan payoff strategy. Pay allows employers to contribute to employees' student loans and helps employees analyze, optimize, and map their best paths toward a $0 balance. Most importantly, when Vault displays student loan optimization options, they’re always in the order of what’s best for your employees, not what’s best for us. We’re not a bank; we don’t lend to students; and we never accept refinance kickbacks from financial providers.

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    Employers who provide monthly student loan payment contributions attract more job applicants and keep their best employees longer.


    Vault Pay employers have received tax advantages and increased employee tenure by up to 55%.

    Simple Pricing and Activation
      Contact us to learn how Vault can work with your company, providing employers with enterprise-grade financial wellness tools to help employees conquer their student loans and be happier, more productive employees.
    • Low monthly fee per enrollee
    • Two-week program activation average.
    • NO minimum payments.

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