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Vault provides employers with enterprise-grade tools to hire better and retain employees longer by helping pay down employees' student loans, contribute to employee 529 plans and more.
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Student debt: an employee stressor set to double by 2027.

How Does Vault Work?

  • 1Create your Vault account.
  • 2Connect your student loans.
  • 3View your options and select a path to reduce your payments by thousands of dollars over the life of your loans.

Benefits employees want most.

Nebraska Medicine + Vault Pay
“The average debt our nurses are carrying is $37,600. So, they have an average payment of about $350 a month on that. Our contribution has helped reduce that debt by 64 months. We’ve had half the turnover for nurses who participate in this program as compared to our voluntary turnover for those that are not participating. This matters.”

– Frank Venuto, Chief Human Capital Officer, Nebraska Medicine

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Meet Vault.

Vault Advisor

Analyze and optimize student loans.

  • View all outstanding student loans from one dashboard.
  • Model payment scenarios based on payoff goals.
  • Run over 70+ models to optimize loans according to real-time rates and refi scenarios.
  • Book free 1:1 sessions with certified student loan experts.
  • Learn about PSLF program options.

Vault Pay

Help employees pay down student loans.

  • Set up a seamless employer student loan contribution program to help pay down employee debt.
  • Make one-time, ongoing, or capped payments or set up custom vesting and contribution tiers.
  • Get support from a dedicated customer success team.
  • Track program success with monthly impact reports.

Vault Match

Make matching contributions to retirement plans when employees pay down student loans.

  • Make tax-advantaged contributions to employee retirement plans when employees make their student loan payments.
  • Design flexible programs that meet your workplace’s specific needs.
  • Make monthly or year-end true-up contributions to improve employee retention.
  • Get support from a dedicated program manager year-round.

How can Vault help you?

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    Student loan repayment can now be offered tax-free.
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