PTO Conversion

Offer employees a way to convert end-of-year "use or lose" PTO into direct student loan payments

Employers with "use or lose" paid time-off policies can now offer employees the option of converting unused hours or days into one-time, secure, and direct student loan payments. PTO conversion offerings remove one of employees' least-loved workplace outcomes: lost wages resulting from scheduling conflicts.


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    Pandemic + PTO = A New Payoff

    Converting unused vacation time into a student loan debt payment benefit can be a win-win. As the pandemic persists into 2022, employees continue to delay taking their paid time off (PTO) due to delaying travel and vacations. Vault's PTO Conversion add-on allows employers to set a conversion formula for employees' unused paid time off and convert PTO directly to student loan balance payments.

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    Set your conversion formula and policy in our employer admin portal; we'll do the rest.


    Vault employers have received tax advantages and increased employee tenure by up to 55%.

    Simple Pricing and Activation
    • Low monthly fee per enrollee
    • Two-week program activation average.
    • NO minimum payments.

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        Student loan repayment can now be offered tax-free.
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