Platform Add-Ons

Out-maneuver competitors with an extra-enhanced benefit stack.

Vault’s capabilities don’t end at student loan benefits. The Vault platform allows employers to make 529 contributions to employee accounts providing parity across employees’ needs. Allow employees to convert unused PTO to student loan payments using Vault PTOC. Or, transfer your tuition reimbursement programs to Vault’s platform for easier comprehensive management.

Support parents by making recurring or one-time contributions to 529 plans.

Allow employees to roll unused PTO directly into student loan payments.

Make direct tuition reimbursement payments from one centralized place.

Crush more than just student loans.

Vault 529.

Make monthly or one-time 529 contributions for your employees.

Convert unused employee PTO directly to student loan payments.

Vault PTO Conversion.

PTO Conversion (PTOC) allows employers to set custom “exchange rates” based on hours or days of PTO, for direct payments into an employee’s student debt accounts through Vault PTOC, creating a win-win for employers and employees.

Provide tuition assistance and reimbursement in one place.

Vault Tuition Reimbursement.

Support employee education by using Vault's payment rails to complete your tuition reimbursement program. Manage your entire suite of benefits from one admin portal.

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