All Of Your Student Loan Information In One Place

Most employees are uncertain what their student loan big picture looks like. Vault has the answer.

With our platform, users can view their monthly payment, total debt amount, interest, and repayment plan for all of their loans right in the Vault portal.

Like all things Vault, we wanted the user experience to be super clean and super simple. No one wants to dig through pages and tabs trying to understand what this loan means in correlation to overall debt, so we cut out all of the confusion by allowing all the information to be viewed in a single dashboard.

There’s information to potentially help lower an employee’s monthly payment, see how he or she can pay off your loans faster, or check to see if refinancing makes sense.

Depending on an employees’ financial goals, they can each decide what’s best for their situation and future. If you’re interested in offering Vault to your employees as a benefit, contact us.


One On One Support With Humans Ready To Help

VAULT is here for your team.

We want to help every user win the war against student loans and we do so by empowering borrowers with every option available to them. Employees can connect with Vault and schedule a one on one advisory phone call or just drop us an email.


We’re here to help all your employees crush their student loans. We believe that being there for our users is paramount for the best experience. No machines or auto-responders, just humans ready to help. No one wants to talk to a machine or leave a message that will sit unanswered. We’ve collected the resources and we’re happy to share everything we’ve got. We ensure that this information is accessible so borrowers can make smart choices to regain their financial freedom.


If email works best for an employee, let us know what’s going on, and we’ll answer questions and share helpful resources to get the user on the right path. If an employee wants to schedule a call, our support team will walk him or her through loans, goals, options, or help with troubleshooting Genius Advisor.

Student loan debt is stressful. Let us help your team. If you’re an HR person, don’t hesitate to ask questions, we’ll do our best to provide whatever answers you’re looking for.


Painless Perks: Import Federal Student Loans With Ease

When we update the Student Loan Genius platform, making sure our customers have an easy experience is at the top of our priority list.

Importing NSLDS student loan information shouldn’t be an exhaustive process – users should be able to update and upload their profiles with a few clicks. It’s super simple:


It’s that easy to import data with Genius Advisor. This is just one of the great features we offer your employees with our benefit platform. To learn more, contact us.


HR In The Driver’s Seat: How To Roll Out Student Loan Genius

One of the most critical aspects of the Vault platform is being simple to use for both employees and employers.

When it comes to how the tool was designed, we wanted to provide choices and make the Vault experience customizable and intuitive.

When an employer works with Vault, they’re in control of how they roll out the program to their team.

Employers can announce they’re offering student loan repayment using 2 methods:

Whichever way HR wants to roll out the program, we can help make the process painless.