Vault in the News: Financial Wellness and Student Loan Benefit Headlines

Companies now have a new tax incentive to pay off workers’ student loans

2/5/2021 “This is such a massive problem that just the individual being responsible and paying off debt isn’t gonna make a dent in the overall crisis, especially now with the impact of coronavirus,” said Vault CEO Romy Parzick. More

It’s Time For Employers To Take Financial Wellness Seriously

1/15/2021 A March 2020 report from Bank of America capturing pre-pandemic sentiments, noted that 62% of employers feel "extremely" responsible for their employees' financial wellness. More

The business benefit to providing student loan assistance

12/2/2020 Once employees have a plan for how to manage their student debt, this opens the door to participating in a retirement plan. More

Student loan repayment can now be offered tax-free.
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